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Keep Your Pets Cool

Posted By Jaimini Shah     August 26, 2016    


Tips on keeping your pets (and even yourself ) cool this summer


Check out the sunlight in your pet(s) favorite rest spots. With the increased heat, even indoors may become uncomfortable for those with fur.  Add a fan or shade to the location or move from direct sunlight.



This might go without saying to many people but it really must be stressed. For most situations it's hard to over hydrate.  Keeping some cold bottles of water around normally comes in handy, and at the worst you'll have some extras for the next time.

I like to give my pets (of various sizes) ice as a snack. It's refreshing, hydrating, cooling and the bigger ones can chew it for fun.

Dehydration is a huge hazard for living things of all sizes but especially for those with more fur/hair than others.

If you notice your pet panting more than usual, wobbling, or any unusual fatigue watch them carefully. Once they are showing signs of dehydration, they have been thirsty for too long and need water immediately. Avoiding direct sun and heat if possible.

Summer fun ideas, that beat the heat


Taking your furry friends out to a source of water or pool is a great idea this time of year. Many parks are pet friendly with rivers and lakes.

Even many pools will have pet days about once or twice a month.

Bodies of water are a good place to let them exercise, while still being at a comfortable temperature. This is great for highly active pets who, despite the heat, still need to be actively involved in something phuysical

And most of all enjoy the warmest, and sunniest time of the year!

Contributed by Davyd Sharp


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